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Now for some of you, this may not seem like it would apply to your business; you might not think you have data that criminals want. They participated in a morning panel session that educated entrepreneurs and businesses about the importance of protecting your business from cyber threats and provided tips and best practices for doing so. What it offers The attendance to Expo from May to October from over countries, bringing to Italy business owners and decision makers, provides companies a unique opportunity to establish worldwide relations.

It's good for everyone: We will provide a free new travel benefits card. If you are an MBE looking to do business with a corporation, or really any business, you need to be aware of the issue and protect your data, not only for your own good, but so that the companies you do business with know they are protected as well.

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I believe the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" also applies in the business world. This initiative, promoted by Expo Milano in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce in Milano, Promos, Fiera Milano and PwC, aims at sustaining companies' internationalisation process offering a concrete opportunity to grow globally.

To begin the experience, please email travel pothos.

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Countering the threats - How having a pre-arranged fax number for payments can be helpful, as well as a dedicated computer and email that is used solely for business banking. In more detail, EBM is a web based platform which promotes dialogue and offers premium networking opportunities during Expo Milanothrough a customised service which includes matchmaking services and personalised assistance.

It is invaluable to have businesses that are willing to share their knowledge and experience, in this case on the topic of cyber threats. View this page in: The advantages Expo Business Matching has been designed to offer participating companies to have access to publications, documentation and carefully selected content on the topic of internationalisation, undertake an self-assessment on your current situation and the propensity of internationalisation of the company.

MBE participants can improve and grow stronger and more ready to do business with large corporations as a result.

Expo Business Matching: powering business forward

Companies need to know that you are not a threat to their business because of lax protocols; it is your job to prove that you have done all that is needed to protect yourself, your customers, and your business partners from cybercrime. The truth though, is that you most likely do and there are people out there waiting to hold your data hostage. They are taking this cyber threat topic on the road and holding similar events in cities across the U.

The discussion and advice given during the session covered a variety of topics such as: Expo Business Matching will connect companies interested in working abroad with foreign counterparties that best match their needs.

During the 6 months of the exposition 1st May to 31st October thousands of business owners and decision makers from all over the world are expected to attend, seeking new products, services and innovation. Phishing and Hacking - How cyber criminals get you on the hook to spend money with tax related calls, emails asking for personal info verification, etc.

How it works The innovative aspect of the project lies in a technological platform able to accurately profile participants who register, and match the needs of one company with profiles of other companies that are registered.

Finally, they cover many other interesting topics, so if this one doesn't appeal to you or doesn't come to your neck of the woods, check out their other offerings.

MBEs become better companies and corporations get better suppliers and business partners I want to thank Business Matchmaking business matchmaking canada hosting this great event, Richard Chacon for inviting me and introducing me to this organization, and Union Bank, and the other corporations, for giving their time and support to helping minority businesses learn, improve, and grow our businesses.

Keith Tresh - California Cybersecurity Integration Center Small Business Travel Benefits Business Matchmaking participants have an opportunity to save in travel activities on par with many of the nation's largest corporations.

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It takes companies like Union Bank who are willing to genuinely educate and empower businesses by actively helping them to grow by supporting events such as this. Therefore it presents a unique opportunity to establish and develop commercial and business relationships About Expo Business Matching Expo Business Matching EBM combines the need for companies to look at internationalisation with the business opportunities that Expo Milano present participants with, and represents a privileged site to build and develop relationships and to find B2B partners during the event.

If you're not familiar with them, BMM supports procurement opportunities for small businesses in every industry, producing regional face-to-face selling events, plenary seminars and workshops, online training and collateral material for MBEs.

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