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In addition, images engraved in walls of what appear to be people infected with polio are found in Egypt dating back to at least BC. The names of journalists, dating back toare printed on tinted-glass panels affixed to a spiral steel frame.

He is the st pontiff in a line dating back to the fourth century. We find the office mentioned in a Corcyraean inscription dating probably from the 7th century B.


Teviot Row House is the oldest purpose-built student union in Britain, dating back to It is as yet difficult to determine the part which Rhodes played in prehistoric days during the naval predominance of the neighbouring island of Crete; but archaeological remains dating from the later Minoan age prove that the early Aegean culture maintained itself there comparatively unimpaired until the historic period.

Cepa, dating from about the beginning of the Christian era Origin of Cultivated Plants, p.

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The ruined church at Longpont 13th century is the relic of an important Cistercian abbey; Urcel and Mont-Notre-Dame have fine churches, the first entirely in the Romanesque style, the second dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, to which period the church at Braisne also belongs. After retiring from the Chiefs inhe filed a workers' compensation claim for injuries dating back to The woollen manufactures, dating from the close of the 16th century, are the most important in Scotland, though now mainly confined to the weaving of tweeds.

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Dating Allen hadn't been a good idea. In the work of Palladius on agriculture, dating from about the year A.

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The interior was marble and polished wood, dating back to a time when first generation craftsmen took pride in their workmanship. There are two considerable fragments of an English alliterative romance on the subject written in the west midland dialect, and dating from the second half of the 14th century. The Old Church, founded in the 11th century, but in its present form dating fromcontains the monuments of two famous admirals of the 17th century, Martin van Tromp and Piet Hein, as well as the tomb of the naturalist Leeuwenhoek, born at Delft in Voice over Dinmore Manor is on the site of a Knights Hospital dating back to the days of the crusades.

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A large brass vessel used as a standard measure for the lead ore, and dating from the time of Henry VIII. The museum's collection includes artefacts dating back to prehistoric times.

Dating back in a sentence

The New Hampshire primary is a strange pageant of democracy in action, dating back to The hinge was oiled and didn't squeak because the friction had been reduced. You have problems dating and can't get an acting job?

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Endo-wed with a prodigious memory, he remembered the names of old comrades, or evoked events dating back decades. The race of warriors was ancient, dating back a hundred millennia.

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Seeds of Acer are rare compared with the leaves, which can be found in rocks dating back to the Cretaceous period. They appear in a document dating fromwhere they are called "the Auschowitzer springs belonging to the abbey of Tepl;" but it was only through the efforts of Dr Josef Nehr, the doctor of the abbey, who from until his death in worked hard to demonstrate the curative properties of the springs, that the waters began to be used for medicinal purposes.

Among the old houses one, dating from the 16th century, was the birthplace of Blaise Pascal, whose statue stands in a neighbouring square. Besides this object dating from about the 3rd century B. We've been dating since high school. Political Divisions and Towns.