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Inner lips, a hole, and the clit up top with its little hood. The one thing standing in the way of that was all the hair around either side of my slit, so I decided to shave the hair off of my lips to make them more smooth and slippery.

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Yes, I was indeed a girl. I got up and went to the bathroom that connected the room to the other one in the suite, locking both doors. I kept going, though, leaning over to kiss her mouth and neck, and rubbing my small, A cup breasts against her ridiculously larger ones.

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I put my middle finger inside myself also, finding that I was kind of tight not surprisingly. After a few minutes of this I came again, more violently than the first time. I looked around and concluded that whoever my roommate was, he or she was not here, which was fortunate as I was still completely naked.

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I sat down on the floor and spread my legs as wide as possible. I wanted more, but Tiffany was worn out, so we fell asleep on the bed, in each other's arms. I was in ecstasy. I was glad they weren't as large as Tiffany's; breasts that big must be unwieldy.

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Report Nymphomaniac I was walking along on the first day of college, on my way to my dorm, when I was grabbed from behind. She was deliberately teasing me, just brushing the clit, getting me hotter and wetter with each stroke.

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Then she took off her shirt, unclasped her bra, and lifted one of those huge, gravity-defying tits up. Most of the lesbians I had met looked like men, some complete with facial hair, so it never occurred to me in the first five minutes of our acquaintance that Tiffany would be one. It felt kind of like the head of my dick, but the sensations were so much more intense.

Among other things, there was a peculiar weight on my chest. As I sat up, I felt my breasts shift and realized it was not a dream.

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I didn't reply, I just grinned and nodded, and I got back on my hands and knees again, but this time she put the dildo, even more slowly and gently, into my other opening. My sex drive was MUCH higher than it had ever been, even as a year-old boy. Luckily, I had moved around in my sleep and covered myself with the sheet, but it was thin and white and I was pretty sure it didn't hide anything.

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She introduced herself as Tiffany, and I blurted out my real name and was thankful that it's Chris, if it were something more obviously male I would have had some explaining to do.

I turned the clippers on and started shaving, way back on what was actually the very bottoms of my ass cheeks, slowly working my way up towards my cunt.

When I was done moaning, I opened my eyes to see that Tiffany had strapped on a ten-inch dildo over her panties. She licked up and down the length of my cunt, like she had been doing with her thumb, but her tongue was so much more slippery and pliant. I nearly cried out from pain at first, as the largest thing that had been in my pussy so far was my two fingers, but she stuck it in slowly, going an inch or so and waiting for me to relax, so eventually she had almost the full ten inches in.

The other thing that I had noticed about female sex was that I really liked the sensation of my cunt being so wet that it was completely slippery, inside and out.